Flexicare Oxford & Abingdon
Welcome to Flexicare

"The aim was never to change the world, but to make that one week, perhaps that one day, a little bit easier for that one family."

Sue Kenrick, Founder - Flexicare

For over 30 years, our small, Oxfordshire-based charity has been providing babysitting services, free of charge, to families with a disabled child. Perhaps we can help you, or someone you know. Get in touch, refer a family, volunteer, donate.

Here's what we've got coming up:

August 29th - Swinford Toll Bridge, Eynsham OX29 4BX

Flexicare has been selected to take the toll payments on the Swinford Toll Bridge on August Bank Holiday - Monday 29th. All toll money collected will go directly to providing the training and support that our volunteers need to continue helping Oxfordshire's disabled children. Come on by and see us!

Registered charity number 291844