Flexicare Oxford & Abingdon
Welcome to Flexicare

"The aim was never to change the world, but to make that one week, perhaps that one day, a little bit easier for that one family."

Sue Kenrick, Founder - Flexicare

For over 30 years, our small, Oxfordshire-based charity has been providing babysitting services, free of charge, to families with a disabled child. Perhaps we can help you, or someone you know. Get in touch, refer a family, volunteer, donate.

We're looking for a few


Flexicare is a small, Oxfordshire-based charity providing babysitting services
to families with a disabled child.
We rely on our amazing volunteers to help us!

If you, or someone you know, are looking for an opportunity to make a real
difference, please get in touch. You don't need any experience, just a desire to
help. We'll take care of any training you might need. Give as little as a few hours a
month, on your terms.

Give us a call today. Details are on our website contacts page.

At the beginning of July, Flexicare changed its status to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. As a result, we have a new charity number. Nothing else has changed.
Registered charity number 1172635